Proctors and Monitors

Proctors and monitors are critical to a successful test administration.

Readiness Checklist

Complete the following steps to get ready for test day.


  1. Complete required training.
  2. Read the following guides:
  3. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit when you receive your access email. You'll get the email before test day, as soon as your coordinator adds you to their staff list in Test Day Toolkit. Accessing Test Day Toolkit requires two-step verification, so don't wait until test day to start. Check with your test coordinator if you don’t receive an access email.

Test Day:

  1. Report to your test center at 7 a.m. local time on test day.
  2. Bring your fully charged device (unless your test center agreed to provide one for you).
  3. Open the guide for your role.
  4. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit.

Roles and Responsibilities

Proctors are responsible for conducting a secure and valid administration and are accountable for everyone in the testing room and everything that takes place in that room.

Hall and room monitors support proctors in keeping the testing area free of noise and distractions and watching for suspicious behavior.

Technology monitors remain in the help room and use the Technical Troubleshooting Guide to help students and staff.

The time commitment for proctors and monitors is 5–6 hours total, including 4–5 hours on test day, with a 7 a.m. start.

Staff Requirements

Staff will require a device with internet access to complete test day tasks using the College Board Test Day Toolkit web application.

All staff should meet the following requirements:

  • Not present a conflict of interest. Staff should not be working in the same room as a household member or immediate family ("related student") taking the assessment.
  • Not be engaged in providing private SAT preparation conducted outside the auspices of their school for compensation.
  • Review and complete a participation agreement, which includes a confidentiality statement.
  • Participate in training.