Device Lending

Our device lending program ensures all students who need a device have one to use for the digital SAT® administration.

Before Test Day

Requesting a Student Testing Device

Students who need devices must first register for their desired test day and location, and then take the steps below to request a device at least 30 days before test day to allow for shipping. Submitting a request does not guarantee that College Board will provide you with a loaned testing device.

After registration, the option to select Request a device will appear as part of a student's registration information on My SAT, which will link to a brief questionnaire that asks for an adult reference (like a teacher, counselor, or adviser). Once approved, we'll make a device available to students at their test centers on test day.

Receiving and Inspecting Loaned Devices

You'll receive an email from College Board before test day informing you which students are approved for loaned devices. We’re also working with some centers to proactively ship devices in case students request them. You'll be notified by email if your center is expected to receive devices.

The loaned devices will arrive a few days before test day. They'll have Bluebook™, our digital testing app, preinstalled. As the test center coordinator, it’s your responsibility to receive, check, securely store, and return College Board–loaned testing devices. These devices are only to be used for College Board digital testing.

When receiving and inspecting the devices, follow these steps:

  1. Keep the package the device arrived in and the return label (if provided) and store them in a safe location at the school.
  2. Confirm you received the correct number of devices, as noted on the flyer enclosed in the package, and a charger for each device.
  3. Ensure that each device powers on, is undamaged, functional, and fully charged.
  4. Confirm that Bluebook is preinstalled.
    1. Windows machine: Look for the blue star icon on the desktop.
    2. Chromebooks: Bluebook will be listed in the apps menu.
  5. Store the devices securely, in a locked location, under proper conditions (e.g., indoor temperatures, protected from dust, etc.) until test day. Don’t remove any loaned test devices from the school. Never store loaned test devices in your home or in your vehicle.

Important: If your package is missing any items or devices aren't in proper working order contact us immediately at +1 212-307-9731 or email [email protected].

On Test Day

Testing Staff

Arrive at the test center no later than 7 a.m. on test day to manage the process of distributing the loaned devices to students. Students approved for a loaned device will be told to arrive by 7:15 a.m., 30 minutes early, to allow time to receive their device and complete the exam setup process.

Review the email from College Board informing you which students were approved for these devices. If a student is missing from your list, you may lend them a device if they provide proof on a phone screenshot or printout of their My SAT homepage confirming their approval.

When distributing the devices, follow these steps:

  1. Give 1 device to each student who is approved for a loaned device.
  2. Share the test center's Wi-Fi credentials with the students.
  3. Instruct students to sign in to Bluebook to complete exam setup. At the end of setup, they'll receive an admission ticket.


Prior to each administration, College Board will notify you which students are approved for a loaned device.

On test day, students will arrive by 7:15 a.m., 30 minutes early, to receive their device and complete the exam setup process at the center. Students will receive their admission ticket at the end of the exam setup process. Students can't check in for testing until they've completed the exam setup process and received their admission ticket.

Issues with Submission

After testing is over, there may be some students with a loaned device who did not successfully submit their answers. It’s critical that you do not dismiss these students until their answers are successfully submitted at the test center.

If a student using a loaned device experiences issues submitting their answers, call +1 212-307-9731 immediately.

After Test Day

Some test centers will receive loaned devices only for a specific administration and will return them immediately after testing. Other test centers will store loaned devices for the testing year.

Returning Devices

After testing is completed, the courier that delivered the devices will contact you for pickup. You must return the devices in their original packaging within 5 days of testing. If you aren’t contacted within 3 days of testing, please email [email protected] to schedule a pickup.

Return Instructions:

  1. Retrieve the original package you received from where you stored it.
  2. Follow the return instructions and use the return label (if provided).

Note: College Board is working with several partners to ensure students who need a device have one on test day. You may receive additional instructions depending on the courier used.

Storing Devices

If you receive instructions to store loaned devices for the testing year, confirm the devices still power on, have Bluebook installed, and have no visible damage before securely storing them. Please also make sure the devices are fully charged for the next student.

Important: These devices are only to be used for College Board digital testing.

Contact Us


  • For questions regarding test administration, College Board–loaned devices, Test Day Toolkit, or technical assistance with Bluebook, call +1 212-307-9731, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m. ET.

In addition to regular weekday hours, we are open for extended hours the full calendar week before the test.