We're transitioning all student score information to the online Higher Education Reporting Portal and will no longer mail paper score reports to higher education institutions starting August 2022.

If you have the data files management role, you can download SAT electronic score report data and essay batch files from the Downloads tab. You can also see an audit trail of who has downloaded files. Files are posted weekly and are available for download up to one year after they’re posted. You'll receive a notification email when new data files are ready.

Sample data files are also posted to the Downloads tab so institutions completing implementation of the SAT data file layout can use them to test their systems. You can download sample files and generate test notification emails to mimic the notification emails that the system will send when actual score files are posted. This allows for testing of automated systems.

Note: Multiple data files can be posted to the Download Center on a single day. When files are posted to the Download Center, they will be posted using a standardized file naming convention:

  • Fixed width (TXT) format: [DI CODE]_[YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].txt
  • Delimited (CSV) format: [DI CODE]_[YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].csv
  • Compressed format: [DI Code]_SAT_ Essays_[YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].zip

Naming Convention Key

File Name Element Description
[DI Code] The DI code the file is for
[YYYYMMDD] The date the file was generated
[HHMMSS] The time the file was generated