What happens if my whole roster is incorrect?

If your entire roster is incorrect, then the test coordinator at your school can request a full data replacement by the data coordinator at your school. This action should only be taken when there are significant data issues for the majority of your roster (e.g., first and last names are swapped).

Before requesting a full data replacement, you'll need to delete any registered students. Learn more about deleting students.

To request a full data replacement, click on Additional Actions on your roster and select Request Full Data Replacement. Be advised that this will delete your entire roster and there is no way to undo this action.

After you request a full data replacement, the data coordinator at your school will be able to upload, validate, and submit a correct file for the test ordered. It's a good idea to contact the data coordinator before requesting the full data replacement so they understand what actions they'll need to take. They won't be notified automatically.