What's changed in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site?

With the launch of the new SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site, there are several changes for the 2023–24 school year for districts:

  • Test ordering and student registration will be available within the same tool, SAT Suite Ordering and Registration. Learn more about student registration for digital testing.
  • Districts can order fall 2023 paper SAT School Day in addition to spring 2024 digital SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments. Note: Schools must additionally place an order for fall 2023 paper SAT School Day using their school's SAT Suite Digital Ordering and Registration site in order to receive paper tests.
  • Districts may use the ordering cost calculator in the new ordering process where districts are provided the estimated cost based off the tests they’re ordering.
  • There’s a new district dashboard with information about orders placed by districts and schools.
  • There’s a new way to access the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site. Check out the resources in the "Accessing" section of this help center for more information.

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