When can students register for the digital SAT?

Students will be able to register for the first digital SAT administrations at international test centers starting in fall 2022. We’ll share more information about registration and administration dates later this year.

We’re administering the digital SAT first at international test centers in spring 2023. It will then be offered in the U.S. beginning in spring 2024. Most students who take the SAT do so for the first time in the spring of their junior year. So, for students testing internationally, those in the class of 2024 will be the first to take the digital SAT. In the U.S., students in the high school class of 2025 will be the first class to take the digital SAT. 

Students everywhere will take the digital PSAT 8/9 and PSAT/NMSQT starting in fall 2023. They will take the PSAT 10 starting in spring of 2024.