Fee Waivers

Find out if your students are eligible for an SAT fee waiver.

Improvements have been made to the fee waiver process starting with the 2023–24 school year. With the transition from the Test Ordering System (TOS) to the new SAT Suite Ordering and Registration System (SSOR), schools will no longer be responsible for identifying fee waiver eligible students.

With this change, all students who meet College Board's SAT fee waiver eligibility criteria can either receive SAT fee waiver benefits by obtaining a code from their counselor or, starting in fall 2023, by completing a fee waiver request form on our website. Learn more about the fee waiver eligibility criteria and supporting eligible students through the fee waiver process.

Learn more about how College Board is supporting schools and districts serving low-income students by providing a price discount for in-school assessments based on the federally estimated child poverty rate percentage.

Fee Waiver Codes

SAT fee waiver codes will continue to be sent directly to schools through the K–12 Score Reporting Portal. School counselors identify first-time fee waiver–eligible students at their school and distribute a fee waiver code to them. Authorized agencies and CBOs may also distribute fee waiver codes. Students who've already tested with a fee waiver will automatically have their full set of fee waiver benefits in their College Board account.

See the Resources section for more information about fee waivers.


How does a student accept their fee waiver?

A student can accept the fee waiver on their My SAT homepage:

  1. Create a College Board account.
  2. From the profile page, click My SAT.
  3. On the My SAT homepage, accept the fee waiver:
    • If you've been marked as eligible, review the terms of the eligibility prompt, then click Continue.
    • If you have a 12-digit fee waiver code, enter it and then click Submit.

Learn more about how a student accepts their fee waiver benefits.

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How can I find out whether my students used their fee waivers?

Educators can access the Roster Report in the K–12 Reporting Portal to see which of their students registered for the SAT, who was absent on test day, who used a fee waiver to register, and more.

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When will I receive fee waivers for the coming year?

Fee waiver codes should arrive at your school in mid-to-late August.

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