SAT Suite Question Bank: Overview

Explore the SAT Suite Question Bank.

Use the SAT Suite Question Bank (SSQB) to create custom, targeted question sets and improve instruction. The question bank includes over 3,500 questions from the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 assessments.

You can find questions that align with skills taught in class and use them in multiple ways.

Questions can be sorted by subscores, cross-test scores, and content dimensions.

Take a Deeper Dive Using the K–12 Portal

If you have access to the K–12 reporting portal, you can identify knowledge areas where students might need additional support. Then you can use the SSQB to inform instruction:

  1. In the K–12 reporting portal, run the Instructional Planning Report. The Instructional Planning Report can help you pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses for lesson planning and curriculum improvement.
  2. Find real test questions in the SSQB. Export your question set to a PDF.
  3. Create a skill-building activity with the test questions from the SSQB.



Sample Question Bank Activities

Use these sample activities to establish a routine, focus student thinking, and provide time to interact with students.