Homeschooled Students

Find a local school offering the SAT or a PSAT-related assessment.

If you’re homeschooled and want to take the PSAT 10, contact a local school at least 4 months before the test.

Testing with Accommodations

Students with disabilities must have College Board approval to take the PSAT 10 with accommodations:

  • If you have a disability and need to test with accommodations, tell the school as soon as possible so that they have time to make the request.
  • If you already have College Board approval, let the school know right away so they have time to order accommodated test materials.


If I’m homeschooled, how do I access my PSAT 10 scores?

You can contact the school where you took the PSAT 10 to learn the score release date.  Scores themselves will be available online via the Student Score Portal. For more information, see Getting Your Scores.

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If I'm homeschooled, where will score reports for the test be sent?

Scores will be available online. For more information, see Getting Your Scores.

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