Best Practices for Sharing Results

Support students and parents by giving them more detailed information about score reports.

Student Information Sessions

Without some context for understanding their reports, students might rush to look at their scores and stop there. As a best practice, set up student information sessions to discuss score reports before the students' scores are released.

Information sessions can include the importance of score reports and how to interpret them. To help students understand the information without the distraction of their own scores, we'll provide a sample score report.

Additional Best Practices

You and your colleagues can further help students in these ways:

  • Review detailed student reports in the K–12 Reporting Portal to identify students' strengths in each content domain in the Knowledge and Skills section of their report.
  • Show students how they can use results to get free, tailored Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy®.
  • Use AP Potential™ to identify students who are likely to succeed in AP.
  • Show students how they can use their score to search for colleges on BigFuture.