Homeschooled and Away Students

Students who are homeschooled or plan to take the PSAT 8/9 at a school they do not normally attend, are considered away students. They will not automatically be included in the registration file the school completes and will need to reach out to participating schools or district offices as soon as possible in order to be registered. Note: College Board strongly encourages schools to provide testing opportunities for these students when at all possible.

Use the in-school assessment search tool to find schools that are offering in-school tests. Students will need to connect with staff at participating schools to ensure they're included in the school's registration file.

Away students will need to provide the following information to register:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Name/AI Code for the school you normally attend (if you're homeschooled, you'll only need to share that you're homeschooled)
  • Gender
  • Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) ID if you're approved to test with accommodations

On test day, away students, along with all other testing students, will receive their Bluebook™ sign in information from testing staff. They'll review testing rules and agree to them before testing begins.


Since away students will not be part of the readiness activities the school will lead with their students, they should download Bluebook themselves and try a test preview or a full-length practice test.


Away students should confirm with the participating school whether a device will be provided for them on test day by the institution, or if the school allows guests to bring their own devices to connect to the local network.

Getting Scores

Scores are reported to students' schools, and away students can ask their attending school to print their score report. As always, away students can also sign in to their personal College Board account to get additional insights about scores.

Under 13 Away Students

Away students under the age of 13 should contact College Board Customer Service to request their score reports after testing.