Studying and Practicing for SAT School Day

The keys to successful preparation include making a plan to get the most out of your study time, setting realistic goals, targeting the areas where you have room for improvement, and practicing.

The easiest way to get started: download Bluebook™ and use the practice resources available for the digital test. Once you have some results that help you see areas for further study and improvement, take advantage of the free Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy® for additional guidance.


  • Make a study plan.

    Know when you're taking the SAT and build a study plan to make the most of your time before the test. Set aside specific times to practice, watch instructional videos, and focus on the areas you need to work on. Set concrete, manageable goals.
  • Take a practice test.

    1. Download Bluebook and set aside a couple of hours to take the SAT practice test.
    2. Go to Practice and Prepare on the Bluebook homepage, and select Full-Length Practice. (You can access the full-length practice with the same sign-in credentials provided by your school.)
    3. After you've finished the practice test in Bluebook, go to My Practice and sign in with the same credentials provided by your school to view your score results and to review your practice test questions, answers, and their explanations.
    If you have an College Board–approved accommodation to take the digital SAT on a paper form, visit the Full-Length Linear SAT Practice Tests (Nonadaptive) page.
  • Set concrete goals to level up your skills.

    The best goals are specific, concrete, and manageable. Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy will tailor practice for you, identifying specific goals, recommending an amount of time to practice, and giving you practice questions with full explanations.