Requesting Sunday Testing

If your religion doesn't allow testing on Saturdays, you can request Sunday testing for the SAT. If you've registered for Sunday testing before, you can register for additional dates by using the normal registration process.

Sunday testing isn’t available in India or Pakistan.

Sign in and register for the SAT.


  1. Get a letter from an official religious leader.

    The letter must meet these conditions:

    • Explains the religious reason for the request
    • Is printed on stationery from your house of worship
    • Is signed by an official religious leader
  2. Contact SAT support by submitting the SAT Student and Parent Inquiry Form.

    1. From the Topic list, select Registration.
    2. From the Detail list, select Change Saturday/Sunday status.

    Customer Service will email you information about any further steps that are required.

  3. Print your admission ticket with the Sunday test date.

    The admission ticket is available on your online account.