Test Fees

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Review the latest SAT registration fees and other charges for U.S. test takers below.

If you’re taking the SAT in another country, see international fees.

SAT Registration Fee

The SAT registration fee is $55. Some students are eligible for a fee waiver.

Additional Registration Fees

Additional fees are charged for these services.

Service Fee Details
Change test center $25 For changing your test center only. (To change the test date, you must cancel and register for a new test. Learn how to change your registration information.)
Cancel registration $25 For canceling your registration by the change deadline.
Cancel registration late $35 For canceling your registration after the change deadline, through test day.
Late registration $30 (In the U.S. only) For registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.
Waitlist $53 Note: Waitlists aren't currently available.

Charged only if you're admitted to the test center on test day.

Score Service Fees

Fees are charged for some score-related services.

Service Fee Details
Additional score reports $12 per report
Fee waiver available
Your first four score reports are free if you order them by nine days after the test date. Additional reports or reports ordered after that time incur this fee.
Rush reports $31 Additional score report fees apply.
Get scores by phone $15 per call Available at the same time as online scores. You must pay by credit card at the time of the call.
Archived scores $31 Additional score report fees apply.
SAT Question-and-Answer Service $16
Fee waiver available
SAT Student Answer Service $16
Fee waiver available
Multiple-choice hand score verification $55
Fee reduction available