Getting SAT Fee Waivers to Students

Find out if your students are eligible for an SAT fee waiver.

SAT fee waiver codes are sent directly to schools. School counselors identify first-time fee waiver–eligible students at their school and distribute a fee waiver code to them. Students can also complete a fee waiver request form. Students who've already tested with a fee waiver will automatically have their full set of fee waiver benefits in their College Board account.

Viewing Fee Waiver Benefits

Students with SAT fee waivers can sign into their College Board account to view their fee waiver benefits and see what benefits they have left if they've:

  • Already used an SAT fee waiver.
  • Took the SAT on a school day and already accepted their full set of fee waiver benefits.
  • Entered a 12-digit fee waiver code when registering for upcoming tests.
  • Completed a fee waiver request form.