What Is an SAT Fee Waiver?

SAT fee waivers allow eligible students to take the SAT for free and get other benefits to apply to college.

Fee Waiver Benefits

SAT fee waivers offer students many benefits that help with costs toward college. These benefits include:

  • Two free SAT tests
  • Free college application benefits
    • Unlimited score reports to send to colleges
    • Waived application fees at participating colleges
    • Free CSS Profile™ applications to apply for financial aid from participating schools

Additional fee waiver benefits include:

  • No non-U.S. regional fees for free tests (if a U.S. student is testing abroad)
  • No late registration fees for free tests
  • No change or cancellation fees (upon cancellation, unused fee waiver benefits will be returned to the student)
  • Fee reductions for score verification reports

What Fee Waivers Don't Cover

Even if students have a fee waiver, it doesn't cover some of the costs for registration changes. Students still have to pay fees associated with:

  • Changing test center
  • Changing the date they're taking the SAT
  • Requesting rush scores
  • Requesting to receive scores by phone



Fee Waiver FAQ: Educators

Get answers to frequently asked questions about your students' SAT fee waivers.