Decide when and where you want to take the SAT and then register online. The registration process takes about 30 minutes, but you can start it and then come back to finish later.

Sign in and register for the SAT.


  1. Explore test center locations.

    Consider multiple locations. Not all test centers have available seats, but you’ll see availability during the registration process.

  2. Choose your preferred test date.

    Most students take the SAT for the first time in the spring of their junior year and then again in the fall of their senior year.

  3. Sign in to your free College Board account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one.

    You need to register for yourself—your parent or counselor can’t do it for you.

  4. Complete your online registration.

    You'll enter identifying information, select a date and location, and upload a photo that meets our requirements.