Sending SAT Scores

Send your scores to colleges and scholarship programs.

When you registered for the SAT or took it in school, you might have selected colleges or scholarship programs to send your scores to. When your score is available, you can send it along with information about yourself to additional institutions.


  1. Sign in to your College Board account, then go to the Send SAT Scores page.

    On the Send SAT Scores page, you might get a prompt about fee waivers. If the message does not apply to you, you can ignore it.
  2. Select institutions to send your scores and information to.

    1. Search for institutions by name or code.
    2. Click one or more institutions to add them to the score recipients list, then click Continue.
  3. For each recipient, send all scores or only some of your scores.

    If you've taken the SAT more than once, you can send only your best score. However, the institution you're sending scores to might have a policy that they want to see all of your scores. As you select scores to send, you can view the policy requirements of the schools you selected and send what they require.
  4. Review your order. Check out.


Do I have to send scores through College Board?

Yes. Institutions generally require you to send your scores directly from the College Board and will not accept printouts or copies of your score reports or school transcripts that include your scores.

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What data about me is shared when I send my score?

When you request that we send your scores to institutions or other organizations as directed by you during school day testing, we send your scores along with demographic information sufficient for identity matching to those institutions and organizations, who may then use it to support your applications to those organizations.

When you request that we send your scores to institutions or other organizations as directed by you through your College Board account, we send your scores, certain demographic information, and other information you provide to College Board to those institutions and organizations. These organizations may use this data to send you information about admissions, educational, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. Being contacted by these organizations does not mean you have been admitted or are eligible for a scholarship or financial aid program. You must submit an application to be considered for admission at an institution, and complete any steps required by any scholarship programs to be considered for their opportunities.

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Can I choose to send only part of my SAT score?

No, you can't choose to send your Math score from one test day and your Reading and Writing score from another test day. You can choose which scores to send by test date. Scores from an entire SAT are sent.

Note: Some institutions use superscoring, which means they consider your highest section scores across multiple test dates.

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Can I use a fee waiver for sending my score?

Yes. If you have a fee waiver, you can send as many scores as you want—for free. Even if you didn't register for the test using a fee waiver, if you are eligible for a fee waiver and get one afterward, you can use it to send scores for free.

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Is there a fee for sending scores?

Each time you register to take the SAT on a weekend, you can send your score to up to four organizations for free. You can designate your score recipients at the time you register or any time until you take the test. You also have until nine days after the test to use or change your free score sends. After that, there's a fee.

If you take the SAT during the week at your school, you must choose your free score sends during exam setup or within three days after testing, as instructed by your school. To make or change your selections within those three days, use your sign-in ticket from this test to sign in to Bluebook™. Then go to My Tests Past where this test will be listed and click SAT Score Sends.

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