How Scores Are Calculated

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Total Score

Your total score is a number between 400 and 1600.

The total score is the sum of your scores on the Reading and Writing section and the Math section.

  • Each of these two section scores is in the range of 200–800.
  • Both sections contribute equally to the total score.

How the Section Scores Are Calculated

Your section scores are based on your performance on all test questions in the section. If you're routed to the higher-difficulty second module, you don't need to answer every question correctly to get a good score; conversely, if you're routed to the lower-difficulty second module, you'll have a full opportunity to answer questions in the module correctly and show what you know and can do.

Section scores range from 200 to 800, in 10-point intervals. Your scores on the Reading and Writing and Math sections added together will give you your total score for the SAT, which is on a 400–1600 scale, also in 10-point intervals.