What to Bring on SAT Test Day

There are only a few things you really need to bring on test day and a lot of things you'll be better off leaving at home. Prepare to bring the right things with this list:

  • Your fully charged testing device with the Bluebook™ application installed and exam setup completed (see detailed device requirements).
  • Your up-to-date admission ticket from the Bluebook app. Bringing a printed ticket is preferred, and you can access the ticket after completing exam setup (available starting 5 days before the test).
  • Acceptable photo ID.
  • Pencils or pens for scratch work.
  • Your College Board username and password.
  • An acceptable calculator for use on the Math section of the test (there will be an embedded graphing calculator available to use within Bluebook).
  • Epinephrine auto-injectors (like EpiPens) are permitted without the need for accommodations. They must be placed in a clear bag and stored under the student's desk during testing. For policies on other medications and medical devices, contact Services for Students with Disabilities.

Nice to Have

You may bring the following items to the test center:

  • A watch without an audible alarm. (The Bluebook application has a built-in timer that tells you exactly how much time you have left, but you might still want to time your break.)
  • A charging cable or portable charger.
  • A bag or backpack.
  • A drink or snacks (for your break).
  • A backup testing device.


How do I print my digital SAT admission ticket?

If you've registered for an upcoming digital SAT administration, 1–5 days before your test day, go into Bluebook™, select your test, and complete a short exam setup. The app will generate your admission ticket, which you can print out or email to yourself.

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