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In spring 2024, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) will provide a school day administration of the digital SAT to public school students in grade 11, PSAT 10 to public school students in grade 10, and PSAT 8/9 to public school students in grade 9.



In spring 2024, Colorado public school students will take the following exams:

  • Grade 9: Colorado PSAT 8/9
  • Grade 10: Colorado PSAT 10
  • Grade 11: Colorado SAT or SAT with Essay (student choice)

Students will take the assessment using College Board's secure student testing application, Bluebook™. Bluebook is designed to operate on Windows or Mac devices, iPads, and school-managed Chromebooks. Find more information about Bluebook.

Test coordinators and proctors will use Test Day Toolkit, a web-based application, to administer the tests to students. Educators will receive access to Test Day Toolkit about six weeks prior to the start of Colorado's testing window. Find more information about Test Day Toolkit.

Schools and districts can find more information about network specifications for digital SAT and PSAT.

School Testing Team

For the digital SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9, we recommend each school establish a team of staff to plan for and support test administration. Team member roles include:

  • School Test Coordinator
    • Responsible for all aspects of the test administration, including assigning students and staff to testing rooms.
    • Monitors all testing on test day(s).
    • Must be a staff member who is authorized to work with student personally identifiable information.
  • Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator
    • Responsible for communicating with students who need testing accommodations and their families as well as students who require linguistic supports.
    • Requests accommodations and supports for students through SSD Online.
    • Must be a staff member who is authorized to work with student personally identifiable information.
  • Technology Coordinator
    • Responsible for making sure the school’s technology and network infrastructure can support digital testing, including student testing devices, test coordinator and proctor devices, and the school's network.
    • Support technical troubleshooting on test day(s).
    • Can be someone at a school or district level.
  • Principal
    • Determines when the school should receive their paper score reports and will be the recipient of those reports.
    • Serves as an escalation point for testing issues.

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Testing Dates:

  • The Colorado spring testing window is April 15–26.
    • We recommend that schools plan to test all students during the week of April 15.
    • We recommend that schools reserve the week of April 22 to test students who were absent and students who experienced testing irregularities.
  • With permission from CDE, districts that have spring break conflicts and/or technology limitations may be allowed to use an extended testing window starting on April 8.
  • The March 9 SAT Weekend administration is available for virtual schools to use as well as students who have curricular or religious conflicts with the SAT School Day testing window.
Activities (tentative as of September 2023) Responsible Role Dates
School onboarding survey School Test Coordinator September 18–October 6
Attending Institution (AI) code confirmation email School Test Coordinator December 2023/January 2024
Off-site requests due School Test Coordinator TBD
Request test accommodations for individual students SSD Coordinator Through February 20, 2024
March SAT Weekend registration deadline* School Test Coordinator
Students taking the March 9 test
Student essay opt-in window for SAT School Test Coordinator
Students choosing to add the essay
Mid-February 2024
State Data Management System (SDMS) available District Assessment Coordinator TBD
Test day online training available School Test Coordinator
SSD Coordinator
Room and Hall Monitors
District Assessment Coordinator
Early March, 2024
Test Day Toolkit available Test Coordinator Early March, 2024
Digital Readiness Check window School Testing Team March through early April, 2024
Linear paper test materials arrive in schools for students approved for paper testing accommodation Test Coordinator
SSD Coordinator
Test administration window School Testing Team April 15–26, 2024
Deadline to submit invalidation/reason not tested codes Test Coordinator
District Assessment Coordinator
*This deadline only applies to virtual schools that have elected to use the March 9 administration for their SAT testing.

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For access to the listing of training opportunities and recordings of past trainings, visit the Colorado Resource Repository.

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Off-Site Testing Locations

Most schools will use their building as the test location. However, some schools, such as virtual schools or schools with limited space, may need to use an off-site location for testing their students. Each off-site location must meet the technical specifications necessary to administer the digital SAT Suite of Assessments.

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Accommodations and Supports

If a student has a College Board–approved accommodation for previous paper testing administration, comparable accommodations will be applied to their digital assessments. SSD Coordinators can apply for accommodations for students who do not have approved accommodations, or request changes to existing accommodation approvals, through SSD Online.

Linguistic supports are also available for Non-English Proficient and Limited English Proficient (NEP/LEP) students who take the SAT and PSAT-related assessments as part of the Colorado test administration. These students have access to time and one-half, translated test directions, and a list of College Board approved word-to-word bilingual dictionaries. The translated test directions and list of approved word-to-word bilingual dictionaries can be downloaded from the Colorado Resource Repository starting in February.

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Resources for Testing Staff

As resources and materials for district assessment coordinators, test coordinators, and SSD coordinators for the 2023–24 school year become available, they will be posted to the Colorado Resource Repository.

Resources for Students and Families

Resources for schools to provide to students and families such as student guides and flyers will be posted to the Colorado Resource Repository as they become available.

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