Transitioning Your SAT Test Center to Digital

Test Centers in the U.S. will switch to the digital SAT in spring 2024. Get technical requirements and find out what to expect.



What to Expect on Test Day

Get ready to administer the digital SAT.

Digital Testing Applications

Bluebook™ is the app students use to take the SAT.

Test Day Toolkit is the web application test coordinators and proctors use to administer the test.

Together, they make digital testing smooth and secure.

instructor in a room with students, students looking at their laptop screens

About the Digital SAT

The digital SAT is more secure. Right before the test, Bluebook locks students' devices so they cannot navigate to other programs, applications, or websites. And each student sees unique content.

Students bring a testing device to your test center unless they're preapproved to use a device provided by College Board.

Bluebook times students individually, so if their start times are slightly different, their break and end times will be too.

Test Day Toolkit guides proctors on test day, displays the script they read aloud, and provides the code students use to start testing.

Comparing Digital and Paper Testing

Let your staff know what's staying the same and what's changing.

Working with IT Staff on Technical Readiness

Get the Checklist

Training and Support

We'll provide short, self-paced training modules to introduce the new procedures for administering the digital SAT. And we'll have dedicated technical customer service support ready to troubleshoot issues on test day.

Administer the Digital SAT in Spring 2024

Complete your test center renewal form for digital testing by May 24.