Test Coordinators

We appreciate the time and effort you put in to ensure you and your staff are as prepared as possible. The password is the same for all PDF downloads that require one. It can be found in the latest email from College Board. Please share this password only with confirmed testing staff so they can also access their role-specific resources.

Start planning for test day by completing the following steps:

  • Step 1: Begin Planning for Test Day
    Recruit testing staff and reach out to your IT staff to set up your Wi-Fi network and managed devices.

  • Step 2 (3 Weeks Before Test Day): Complete Coordinator and Staff Training
    Complete the online training course and review all testing staff guides. Share the training course and role-specific guides with staff as you recruit them. Add your staff into Test Day Toolkit and review your roster.

  • Step 3 (2 Weeks Before Test Day): Test Wi-Fi Network
    Test your network readiness to make sure all students and staff are able to join on test day. Work with your IT staff to troubleshoot any last-minute network setup issues.

  • Step 4: On Test Day
    Grant full Test Day Toolkit access to your staff. Arrive on time and have a successful administration. Submit test day irregularities in Test Day Toolkit, if applicable. Submit honoraria details for all staff.

Readiness Checklist

  1. Read the Test Coordinator Planning Guide and complete training.

    Take the Staff Training

  2. Work with school or facility technology staff to complete technical readiness tasks.

    Learn about Technical Readiness

  3. Read the test day guides:
  4. Set up Test Day Toolkit—we'll send you an email when your roster is available.
    • Enter staff contact info immediately. As soon as you do, we'll send them a Test Day Toolkit access email.
    • Add rooms.
    • Assign students to rooms.
    • Assign staff to roles and rooms.

    Get Test Day Toolkit Setup Instructions

  5. Print the "no prohibited devices" flyer so you can post copies where students can see them before checking in.
  6. Download and print the Digital SAT Parent and Guardian Admin Flyer and the Digital SAT Test Day Requirements Flyer before test day. They provide useful test day reminders for parents, guardians, and students.

    The Digital SAT Parent and Guardian Admin Flyer tells parents and guardians not to enter the building during testing. It also tells them when they should pick up their student and what happens to electronic devices (that aren’t for testing) during testing.

    The Digital SAT Test Day Requirements Flyer tells students what they need to know for their test center, what they should and shouldn’t bring on test day, and what the test admission process is like.