Comparing SAT Weekend and SAT School Day

Learn about the key differences and features of the digital SAT Weekend and digital SAT School Day.

Topic SAT School Day SAT Weekend
Administration SAT School Day is administered at schools by school staff. Schools select the date(s) they plan to test. Learn more about the tasks required for SAT School Day administration. SAT Weekend is administered in test centers. Students select their test date and location when they register. Learn about what's needed for student registration.
Spring 2024 test dates School days between March 4, 2024–April 26, 2024

Learn more about the digital SAT School Day testing window for spring.
March 9, 2024
May 4, 2024
June 1, 2024

Sunday testing is available for students with a religious need.

View digital SAT dates and deadlines.
Score release Scores will be reported in four batches to educators and students, based on when tests were submitted.

Learn more about getting scores and reports after administering the digital SAT School Day.
Scores are available in the student's College Board account about 13 days after test day and sent to colleges about 10 days after scores are released. Learn more about SAT scores.
Registration Schools and districts are responsible for ordering and registering students to test, including away students who may reach out to them for testing opportunities.

Registration is completed through the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site (SSOR), by staff from the school or district. Visit to get started.

Visit the In-School Educator Experience to learn more about Ordering and Registration.
Students register individually through their College Board account. The deadline is about two weeks prior to test day. Additionally, there is a four-day late registration window. Learn more about student registration for the digital SAT.
Retest eligibility Each student will have two retest opportunities in case of an irregularity that occurs during their test. Students who experience an irregularity on test day will be contacted with their options. This could include keeping their score, canceling their score (fee is refunded), and/or a makeup test.
Test Day Toolkit access Access to Test Day Toolkit is provided approximately four weeks prior to the start of the testing window for schools that have an order in SSOR.

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Test coordinators can access Test Day Toolkit three weeks prior to test day. Other test center staff should access the toolkit when they receive their access email. Full access is granted on test day.

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Staffing There should be one test coordinator, one SSD coordinator (if applicable), and one technology monitor for each school. Proctors, room monitors, and hall monitors are staffed based on a ratio to the number of students registered. Test coordinators may contact Customer Service to provision another staff person with the test coordinator role. There should be one test coordinator and one technology monitor for each test center. Proctors, room monitors, and hall monitors are staffed based on a ratio to the number of students registered.
Dismissal Once testing is complete and results are submitted, schools will manage student dismissal to minimize disruptions in the school. Students are dismissed by their proctor when their test is complete (time has expired and results are submitted).
Score cancellation Students can cancel their scores within 5 days of their test date by asking their test coordinator to submit a cancellation/irregularity report (IR) form on their behalf. Scores can be canceled in the student's account before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time one week after test day. Learn more about how students can cancel their scores.