Using Your Score

Your PSAT 10 score can be useful to you in several ways. It gives you valuable practice for the SAT and insight into how to prepare, and it opens opportunities for scholarships and recognition.

View your scores online.


  • Apply to colleges and scholarship programs.

    PSAT 10 scores are automatically sent to certain scholarship programs.


    Who Will See My Score?

    Find out who will see your PSAT 10 scores and where your scores will be sent after test day.

  • See if AP classes would be a good fit for you.

    On your score report, click the AP Potential tab to view this information:

    • A list of all AP courses, with an indication of how prepared you are to take that course based on your score.
    • Whether each AP course is offered at your school.

    If you select a college major from the menu, you can also view whether each AP course is relevant to that major.

  • Allow colleges to contact you.

    If you didn’t join Student Search Service® when you filled out your answer sheet, you can join from your score report.

    When you join, colleges can send you information about their campuses, programs, and scholarships. The colleges don’t see your actual score, but they can use criteria like score range, geographic location, and interests to contact you if you’re a good match.

  • Practice and improve your score.

    Use your PSAT 10 score report to get a personalized SAT study plan and personalized practice from Khan Academy®.

    Go to, link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts, share your score report, and start practicing!