SAT School Day Practice and Preparation

From free practice tests to a checklist of what to bring on test day, College Board provides everything you need to prepare for the digital SAT.

Studying and Practicing for SAT School Day

The keys to successful preparation include making a plan to get the most out of your study time, setting realistic goals, targeting the areas where you have room for improvement, and practicing.

My Practice

Take a full-length practice test in Bluebook to build confidence before your test date. Use the sign-in credentials your school will give you to access the test. Then, sign into My Practice to view your practice test results and review practice test questions, answers, and explanations.

What to Bring on SAT School Day

Your hard work and preparation have brought you this far—now it's time to take the test. Find out everything you need to bring with you to have a smooth and successful test day.

SAT School Day Scores

Learn how digital SAT scores are calculated, what your scores mean, how to send your scores to colleges and scholarship programs, and more.

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SAT Fee Waivers

If you're eligible for a fee waiver, you can take the SAT for free and get other benefits.