SAT Suite of Assessments–Educator Guide

Now in web format, the SAT Suite of Assessments Educator Guide connects schools directly with our online resources. Schools won't receive a print or PDF version of the guide.

SAT Suite of Assessments

Find out how the SAT Suite of Assessments can benefit your students

About the Tests

Understand key details about administering and taking the tests

Test Dates and Deadlines

Test Administrations: 2022–23 School Year

  Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Weekend SAT* Aug 27
Registration Deadline: Jul 29
Mar 11
Registration Deadline (U.S.)**: Feb 10
Oct 1
Registration Deadline: Sep 2
May 6
Registration Deadline (U.S.)**: Apr 7
Nov 5
Registration Deadline: Oct 7 (U.S. only)
Jun 3
Registration Deadline (U.S.)**: May 4
Dec 3
Registration Deadline: Nov 3
SAT School Day Oct 12
Mar 1
Mar 22
Oct 27
Apr 12
Apr 25
Oct 15
Oct 25
PSAT 10 N/A Feb 21–Mar 24
Apr 12–28
PSAT 8/9 Sep 26, 2022–Mar 24, 2023 Apr 12–28
*Sunday test dates immediately follow the Saturday test dates
**International dates in March, May and June will be digital, so registration deadlines are later than they’ve been historically. Get dates and more information at

Ordering and Fees

Fee Waivers

Discover fee waiver and fee reduction benefits, eligibility, and how to help students receive them.

What's on the Test

Test Length


See how scores are calculated, what they mean, and how they can inform instruction.

Connect to Opportunities

Learn how students can connect to recognition, scholarships, and colleges by taking the tests.

Scholarships and Recognition

AP Potential

Discover how the tests identify students who would be a good fit for AP courses.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Learn the basics about accommodations and when to request them.


The following practice resources help students prepare for the SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT, the PSAT 10, or the PSAT 8/9 because there is close alignment among what the tests cover: