Professionals and Educators Digital SAT FAQ: Scores


Will students be able to submit their digital SAT scores to colleges?

Yes, digital SAT scores can be sent to colleges and scholarship programs. These institutions will use these scores the same way they use current SAT scores.

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Why should students send their scores if most schools are test optional?

College Board supports colleges introducing more flexibility and choice into the admissions process with test-optional policies. The SAT measures the skills and knowledge that students need to succeed in college. When used in context, SAT scores can help colleges enroll a more diverse class and support students once they’re on campus.

The SAT continues to play a vital role in a holistic admissions process and continues to connect students to postsecondary and scholarship opportunities. Most students want to take the SAT, find out how they did, and then decide if they want to submit their scores to colleges. When surveyed, 83% of students said they want the option to submit test scores to colleges. This finding remains consistent whether or not students have taken the SAT and across race/ethnicity and parents' level of education.

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Will students' student score reports change with the transition to digital?

Score reports for the digital SAT will continue to include information on how students performed and how they can grow and improve. Reports will continue to connect students to college planning information, scholarships, and recognition programs.

But we're making important changes to ensure the digital SAT will be a useful tool for even more students.

A major change is that digital SAT score reports will also connect students to information about local two-year colleges and workforce training programs tied to their achievements, interests, and financial goals. Students will also receive relevant information about how their SAT score connects to career opportunities that will help them set goals and make more informed decisions about their future.

We'll share more about score reports for the digital SAT later this year.

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