Digital SAT Student FAQ: Bluebook™


What is Bluebook?

Bluebook is a testing application from College Board. Students use Bluebook to take the digital SAT and digital AP Exams as well as other College Board exams. Bluebook works in conjunction with Test Day Toolkit, a web app that test center staff use to administer our tests.

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What devices can I use Bluebook on?

Students testing on Bluebook can use Windows laptops or tablets, Mac laptops, iPads, or school-managed Chromebooks.

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How do I use Bluebook?

Students testing on personal devices will download Bluebook to their device, then follow simple steps to get their device ready for test day. For students testing on school-managed devices, this step will be completed for them.

On test day, students log in to Bluebook, complete a check-in process, and then start their test. The app provides students with a set of tools throughout the test. There is a built-in timer so students can see how much time they have in each section and lets them know when to take a break. After the test, Bluebook submits students' answers automatically.

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Do I need a College Board account to use Bluebook to take the digital SAT?

Students taking the SAT on a weekend will log in to Bluebook with their College Board account. Students taking the SAT on a school day will get a unique user ID to access the application.

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I can't download Bluebook on my school-managed device. What should I do?

If you're on a school-managed device and you can't complete the download yourself, reach out to someone at your school for help. Or you can fill out this short form and we'll get in touch with your school for you.

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