Digital SAT Student FAQ: Pricing and Fees


How much is the digital SAT?

The SAT registration fee remains at $60. Students eligible for fee waivers will continue to receive their full set of benefits.

Students testing internationally will be subject to a single, streamlined international fee in lieu of the previous regional fees. For most students testing internationally, the price of the SAT will drop incrementally. All information on test fees can be found on the International Fees page.

Note: All prices and fee waiver eligibility for the SAT Suite of Assessments won't change for the 2022-23 school year.

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Why didn't the prices change this year?

We're maintaining the same pricing and fees for this year as we begin the transition to the digital SAT Suite to ensure consistency for students and educators.

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Are there extra fees associated with taking the digital exam?

No new or additional fees are added for the digital SAT.

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