Digital SAT Student FAQ: Device Lending


How do students request to borrow a device?

During the SAT registration process, students must indicate which type of device they intend to use. If they need to borrow a device, they must choose I don't know if I have access to the necessary device. After the student completes the registration, the Request a device option will appear as part of their registration information in My SAT, which will link to a brief questionnaire that asks for an adult reference (like a counselor, sponsor, school administrator, or teacher).

If they do not see the Request a device option on My SAT, they will need to contact us for assistance.

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How far in advance should I register if I need to borrow a device?

Students borrowing a device from College Board must register and complete their device request at least 30 days in advance of test day to allow for adequate shipping time. If they don't meet that deadline, they can register for a later test date or borrow a device from their school, a friend, or family member.

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Who is eligible to borrow a device?

College Board is lending devices to support students taking the SAT.

Any student who doesn't have a device they can use to take the test and won't be able to borrow one from their school, a friend, or family member to use on test day may request to borrow a device from College Board.

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Why are you requiring a counselor or other sponsor to verify eligibility?

We may need additional information to verify a student's eligibility. For international students who are already working with one of College Board's international programs, and for students who have fee waivers, we are expediting this process.

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How are you shipping devices around the world?

Devices will be shipped directly to test centers for students to use on test day. Shipping depends on what works best for each geography, including shipping from local warehouses, shipping from the U.S., and even using devices supplied by the test center.

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Who can verify eligibility on students' behalf if they can't get in touch with, or don't have, a counselor?

Any adult that is not a family member can verify eligibility—this could be a sponsor, teacher, school administrator, or an employee of a college access program with whom they are working.

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How will students receive their device?

We will ship devices in advance of test day to test centers. Students will receive their device when they arrive at the test center. If approved to borrow a device from College Board, you'll need to arrive 30 minutes early on test day to sign in and complete exam setup. You'll get an admission ticket once this exam setup is complete.

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What kind of device will students receive?

In most circumstances, we will be providing students with managed Chromebooks in new or like-new condition. In certain geographies, students may receive a different model of laptop or tablet.

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How do students set up their borrowed device?

Devices will arrive at the test center already configured for taking the SAT. When students arrive at the test center and receive their device, they will be instructed to log into the Bluebook™ testing app and complete the exam setup process. Students will need to arrive 30 minutes early on test day to log in and set up their test. They'll get an admission ticket once this exam setup is complete.

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How can students who borrow a device practice for the SAT?

Students can practice on any device where they can download the Bluebook™ app, including school computer labs and public computers. PDFs of a full-length digital practice test will also be available to download and print from the College Board website. Students will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download the practice tests and resources, but like the test itself, they won’t need to be connected the entire time. Because the PDF version cannot fully simulate the digital testing experience, we recommend only using the PDF version if a computer is unavailable for practice.

Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy® will continue to be available on mobile phones.

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