Helping Students Use Official Digital SAT Practice

Implementation Strategies

There are three approaches to supporting students using Official SAT Practice to prepare for the digital SAT:

  1. Independent Practice: Students practice individually or in study groups at home. They can also supplement Official SAT Practice by downloading the Bluebook™ app to find full-length practice tests. Parent involvement is essential to encouraging independent practice.
  2. Extracurricular Practice: Students practice in study hall, after-school sessions, or with a community-based organization.
  3. Teacher-Guided Practice: Students practice in class, using Official SAT Practice as a learning tool. Teachers incorporate independent practice into the class period and answer student questions.

Districts or schools can decide which is the best approach—or use a combination of approaches—to implement Official SAT Practice at their school.

Practice Through the Bluebook App

For the digital SAT, students can use two kinds of practice through the Bluebook app:

  1. Test previews: These short previews give students a way to see real test questions in the app, try out the testing tools, and practice testing with any assistive technology they may use.
  2. Full-length practice tests: These four full-length digital practice tests will be automatically scored. They will give your students a chance to get comfortable with the digital format as well as make sure their digital testing device is properly configured to work with the app on test day.

To get started, students will need to:

  1. Download Bluebook.
  2. Sign in to Bluebook with their College Board username and password.
  3. Take a full-length digital SAT practice exam.
  4. Sign in to My Practice to view score results and review practice exam items, answers, and their explanations.
  5. Spend time reviewing skills with Khan Academy Official Digital SAT® Prep. Created by Khan Academy and College Board, Official Digital SAT Prep offers thousands of free practice questions, video lessons, quizzes and tests designed to help your students understand and experience what's new and improved about the digital SAT.