Resources for Teachers and Coaches

Create classrooms and access Official SAT Practice resources.

Support Your Students

We've made it easier to support your students before test day. Educators can now use Official SAT Practice coaching tools to track progress for entire classes.

You can also become a coach by completing our Official SAT Practice e-module to learn how to use the coaching tools.

Create Classes and Access Resources

Log in to Official SAT Practice or set up a new account. Then, create classes and add your students. After creating classes, you can:

  • View recommended SAT skills based on class performance.
    • Use math, reading, and writing lessons created by teachers.
    • Get links to additional exercises and videos that can be assigned to classes based on student needs.
  • Track student progress.
    • View upcoming SAT test dates.
    • Monitor problems completed, time spent, and practice tests scheduled.
    • Check if students' Khan Academy® accounts are linked to their College Board accounts.
  • Review student activity.
    • Get a summary of the top recommended skills for your students to practice.
    • View questions attempted, answer choices, and correct answers.
    • View practice test scores.

Register for Webinars

Register for upcoming webinars to learn best practices from principals and other educators. Or explore more webinars for the SAT and Official SAT Practice at our counselors' site.