Using Official SAT Practice

College Board is committed to giving every student free access to the best test prep available. For the digital SAT, we’ve provided two kinds of practice through the Bluebook™ app:

  • Test previews: These short previews give you a way to see real test questions in the app, try out the testing tools, and practice testing with any assistive technology you may use.
  • Full-length practice tests: These four full-length digital practice tests will be automatically scored for you. They will give you a chance to get comfortable with the digital format as well as make sure your digital testing device is properly configured to work with the app on test day.

Once you've practiced with the digital test, you’ll have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, which is where Official Digital SAT Prep, delivered online through a partnership with Khan Academy®, can help. In partnership with College Board, Khan Academy has built a digital SAT course that includes videos, articles, and worked examples designed to help students understand and experience what's new and improved about the digital SAT.

To get started:

  1. Download Bluebook.
  2. Sign in to Bluebook with your College Board username and password.
  3. Take a full-length digital SAT practice exam.
  4. Sign in to My Practice to view your score results and review your practice exam items, answers, and their explanations.
  5. Go to Official Digital SAT Prep and enter your planned test date and location to be directed to the best test prep content for your test type. Khan Academy’s digital SAT course content will include videos, articles and worked examples designed to help our students understand and experience what’s new and improved about the digital SAT.