Fee Waiver FAQ: Students


How do I view my fee waiver benefits?

You can view fee waiver benefits in your College Board account.

To view the benefits, you must have accepted your benefits or used a fee waiver when you registered for a test.

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If I requested fee waivers benefits using the SAT Fee Waiver Request Form, how will I learn if I’ve been approved?

You should expect to receive an email three business days after you submit your request with a status update.

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If I qualify for a fee waiver, are there any types of fees I still have to pay?

Yes. Fee waivers don't cover these optional costs:

  • Change fees
  • Rush scores
  • Receiving your scores by phone

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Why can't I access the SAT Fee Waiver Request Form?

Students must be logged into their College Board account to access the SAT Fee Waiver Request Form. If you are logged into your account and see a message that indicates you’re ineligible with the Request button greyed out, this could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. You don't meet the grade eligibility requirements.
  2. You already have fee waiver benefits.
  3. You already completed the SAT Fee Waiver Request Form.
  4. You were identified by your school as fee waiver eligible, but have not yet accepted your benefits yet in My SAT
  5. Your SAT Fee Waiver Request Form was denied.

You can confirm reasons 2–5 by checking your My SAT account.

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