Should I Take the SAT Again?

Taking the SAT Twice Is Recommended

College Board recommends taking the SAT at least twice: once in spring of your junior year and again in fall of your senior year. Most students who retake the SAT improve their score. If you're not satisfied with your score after taking the test twice, you might choose to take it a third time in the fall of senior year.

That said, only you can decide whether retaking the test makes sense for you. You might have already reached your target score, meaning you're already a competitive applicant at the college or colleges you want to apply to. Also, consider where you are in the college application process and whether you have time to retake it.

Benefits of Taking the SAT Again

The Likelihood You'll Improve with Practice

You can improve your score with practice. Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy® is free and highly effective. It helps you make the most of your available study time by giving you interactive tutorials personalized to your skill level.

Best practices include:

  • Taking a full-length practice test
  • Leveling up your skills
  • Following personalized practice recommendations

The Advantage of Experience

When you take the test a second time, you benefit from knowing what to expect, and you'll be able to approach the test with greater confidence.

The Perks of a Higher Score

An improved score can make your college application more competitive and can open up more scholarship opportunities.