Why Offer the PSAT 10?

The PSAT 10 provides important insights about student knowledge and skills, career possibilities, and AP potential to help you guide students.

What Is the PSAT 10?

The PSAT 10 is part of the SAT Suite of Assessments and is designed for 10th grade students. Offered in a flexible spring testing window, the PSAT 10 measures the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in college and career.


The PSAT 10 Is Now Digital

See what students can expect when they take the digital PSAT 10.

Get Actionable Data

Using the online reporting portal, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate each student’s college and career readiness.
  • Determine which knowledge areas and skills need more work.
  • See how much progress they've made from the PSAT 8/9.
  • Leverage this data for instructional planning.
A laptop screen showing the K12 online reporting portal

The Power to Plan—in the Palm of Students' Hands

With the BigFuture® School mobile app, PSAT 10 test takers 13 and over will have access to their scores and customized career information and guidance about planning and paying for college.

Based on your school or district, students may also have access to the Connections™ program, which allows students to hear from nonprofit colleges, scholarships, and educational organizations—without having to share any personal information.

Phone screen showing BigFuture School Mobile App running

Expand Access to AP

Students who succeed in AP courses are more likely to succeed in college, and they can save money through credit-granting and placement policies. The AP Potential tool uses SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 scores to help you identify students likely to succeed in AP. In addition, student score reports recommend AP courses that might be good matches.

illustration of laptop with AP onscreen, stack of books adjacent

PSAT 10 Practice

To prepare for the PSAT 10, and ultimately the SAT, students will have access to free digital practice exams in the Bluebook™ testing app as well as access to Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy® for additional guidance.

Students with College Board–approved accommodations who are taking the digital PSAT 10 on a paper form can download and print a full-length practice test.

A male educator and a male student both looking at a laptop with the educator pointing to the laptop screen; bookshelves in the background

PSAT 10 Educator Resources


PSAT 10 Resources

Share the value of the digital PSAT 10 with staff, students, and parents.


In-School Educator Experience

Explore information about purchasing, preparing for, and administering the digital Suite.