Why Offer the SAT?

The SAT Produces Measurable Results

Learn how the SAT School Day directly supports your school and district goals.

"Our SAT participation increased from 35% on a Saturday to 92% on a school day."

—Brenda Carter, Advanced Academics High School Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

"School Day SAT makes college admissions possible for our Irving ISD scholars! Our participation has increased from 25% to 90% over the past six years!"

—Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling & College Readiness, Irving ISD, Irving, TX

"In 3 years, we saw a 300% increase in college scholarships and financial aid."

—Jennifer Ertel, Director of Innovative and Postsecondary Programming, Houston ISD, Houston, TX

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Give Your Students an Advantage with SAT School Day

High schools, districts, and states across the country are making the SAT available in school—on a weekday—to juniors in the spring and seniors in the fall.

Make Opportunity Universal

Read the following articles and studies to learn how offering the SAT opens doors to college for more students.

Simple Way to Help Low-Income Students: Make Everyone Take SAT or ACT

This article offers insights on how universal SAT testing can reduce radical, ethnic, and income disparities.

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A Surprisingly Simple Way to Help Level the Playing Field of College Admissions

This article shares new research on the effects that retaking college entrance exams has and the finding that underrepresented students are less likely to take it more than once.

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SAT is More Equitable to Low-Income Students Than Other Parts of College Admissions

This article dives into test-optional policies spurred by the pandemic and shares research that demonstrates how the SAT and ACT improve representation of low-income students.

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Statewide SAT Testing in Maine Linked to Boost in College Enrollment

This study in Maine found that four-year college-going rates among students increased significantly when the SAT was offered statewide.

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Official SAT Practice

Inspire Productive Practice

The SAT is the only college admission test that offers free, personalized practice to all students. Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® is tailored to meet individual student needs, based on prior test results.