Improving Your Score

The best way to improve your score is to use Official SAT Practice, offered through a partnership between College Board and Khan Academy. Official SAT Practice makes your practice time more efficient by giving you personalized, targeted practice based on your SAT score report.

For more information, see Make the Most of Your Practice Time.

Access to Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy


  1. Link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts.

    When you link your accounts, Khan Academy uses your score report to get a complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses. With that information, Khan Academy provides practice that’s customized to give you the most benefit. You can also get personalized practice by sharing your score on a PSAT-related assessment or by taking a series of short diagnostic quizzes.

  2. Follow personalized skill practice recommendations.

    Use Official SAT Practice each day. Do the recommended practice. Following the personalized practice recommendations is one of the three best practices proven to correlate with score improvement.

  3. Take a full-length practice test.

    Eight full-length practice exams are available on Official SAT Practice. However, taking just one is a best practice associated with score improvement. When you take a full-length practice exam, you build your stamina and confidence for taking the actual exam. You also get data from your results that help Official SAT Practice give you more tailored practice sessions.

  4. Level up your skills.

    Official SAT Practice advises you how to work on specific skills until you earn a “level up” status. Leveling up skills correlates to real skill improvement and is one of the best practices proven to improve SAT scores.