SAT Calculator Use

Calculators are important tools. To succeed after high school, you’ll need to know how—and when—to use them. In the Math Test–Calculator portion of the test, you’ll be able to focus on complex modeling and reasoning because your calculator can save you time. 

However, like any tool, the calculator is only as smart as the person using it. The Math Test includes some questions where it’s better not to use a calculator, even though you’re allowed to. In these cases, students who make use of structure or their ability to reason will probably finish before students who use a calculator. 

The Math Test–No Calculator portion of the test makes it easier to assess your fluency in math and your understanding of some math concepts. It also tests well-learned technique and number sense. 



SAT Calculator Policy

Review the latest calculator policies for the SAT Math Test and learn which calculators are approved and which are prohibited.