Electronic Score Data Files Overview

Access student scores in the K–12 Reporting Portal.

Educators can access detailed SAT score data on the integrated score reporting portal. If you have access to these data files, learn the process for viewing and uploading student score data files.

Viewing and Uploading Data Files

SAT score data files are available to educators in the online score reporting portal’s Download Center. The TXT file format is fully compatible with Naviance. If you don’t see the Download Center tab when you sign in, request a file downloads role from your institution’s access manager.

See the Resources section below for data file layouts and crosswalks.

Uploading Files to Naviance

  1. Download the TXT file directly from the Download Center to your desktop or network drive.
  2. Do not open the file in Excel prior to uploading it to Naviance; doing so will make the file incompatible with Naviance.
  3. Upload the file to Naviance.

Viewing Files

  1. Download the CSV file from the Download Center to your desktop or network drive.
  2. Open the CSV file.
  3. Locate priority information in these columns:
Column Labels for Priority Information
Information Column
Last Name F
First Name G
Middle Initial H
Birth Date W
School Student ID Z
SAT Registration Number AP
Grade Level AS
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section Score AV
Math Section Score AW
Reading Test Score AX
Writing and Language Test Score AY
Math Test Score AZ
Essay Reading Subscore BJ
Essay Analysis Subscore BK
Essay Writing Subscore BL
Nationally Representative Sample Percentile (ERW Section) BV
Nationally Representative Sample Percentile (Math Section) BW
User Percentile (ERW Section) CP
User Percentile (Math Section) CQ