Getting Educator Score Reports

Access student scores in the K–12 Reporting Portal.

Educators can access SAT score reports by signing into the K–12 reporting portal.

Paper SAT score reports will no longer be sent to schools so it's essential that you have access to the K–12 portal. Follow these steps to learn how to access and use the portal. For direct support, contact Customer Service at [email protected] or call 888-SAT-HELP (728-4357).


  1. Create a College Board professional account. Get permission to view scores.

    To view student scores, you'll need:

    1. A College Board professional account. If you don’t have an account, create one.
    2. Permission from your institution's access manager to view student scores. Every school, district, and state has an access manager. Ask your test coordinator or principal who to contact.

    Once you have access, sign in to the score reporting portal.

  2. Create user accounts. Assign access levels.

    If you see Managing Access to Support K–12 Assessment Reporting under Tools and Services on your College Board professional account dashboard when you sign in, that means you’re an access manager. You can now create user accounts and assign access levels.

    If you don't see this when you sign in, learn how to enter your access code. College Board sends access codes to institutions. If you don’t have an access code, check with your test coordinator or principal. If they don’t have one, contact us.

  3. View rosters. Run reports in the Reports view of the K–12 Reporting Portal.

    If you have the summary reports or the detailed reports role, you have access to the Reports view of the K–12 Reporting Portal. You can view testing rosters and run a variety of online reports.
  4. Download SAT electronic score report data files.

    If you were assigned a files download role, you can download electronic score report data files from the score reporting portal by clicking Raw Data Files For Your Systems in the Downloads view of the K–12 reporting portal.

    If you don't see Raw Data Files For Your Systems in the Downloads view, request access from your institution's access manager.

    SAT electronic score report data files are available in two file formats (.txt and .csv). We've worked with Naviance to ensure both file formats are fully compatible with their system.

  5. Understand score basics.

    When viewing student score reports, you'll need to understand what they mean. Note that:
    • The SAT uses a 1600-point score scale.
    • The optional SAT Essay is scored separately.
    • Subscores and cross-test scores provide additional insight.
    • College and career readiness benchmarks help students and educators assess student progress from year to year.
    • Percentiles show you how your students performed on the test relative to other students.