Using Your Score

Send your scores to colleges and scholarship programs.

The main way students use their SAT scores is sending them to colleges as part of their application. But there are several other ways to use your score that you should be aware of.


  • Send scores to colleges and scholarship programs.

    Your online score report includes a link to the Send Scores page. You can also see a step-by-step guide to sending scores.
  • See if AP classes would be a good fit for you.

    On your score report, click the AP Potential tab to view this information:

    • A list of all AP courses, with an indication of how prepared you are to take that course based on your SAT score.
    • Whether each AP course is offered at your school.

    If you select a college major from the menu, you can also view whether each AP course is relevant to that major.

  • Connect with colleges and scholarships.

    If you didn't join Student Search Service® when you registered for the SAT Weekend test, you can join it from your score insights. When you join, nonprofit accredited colleges and universities, nonprofit scholarship providers, and government agencies administering educational programs can send you information about their campuses, programs, and scholarships. These organizations don't see your actual score, but they can use criteria like score range, geographic location, and interests to contact you if you're a good match.