There are a few practice options available to students before test day. Share these with your students to help them feel prepared and know what to expect on the test.

  • Download Bluebook™ for the following practice resources:
    • Test Preview: A short set of untimed questions lets students experience digital testing and try out the tools. They will not receive scores or any feedback on their answers.
    • Full-Length Practice: These tests are timed like a real test, except students can move forward from one section to the next before time expires. Full-length practice scores will be available in Bluebook on My Practice. A College Board account or Sign-In Ticket login credentials are needed to access Bluebook. They can use either for My Practice too.
  • Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy will customize practice for students, identifying specific goals and giving them practice questions with full explanations.
  • Paper practice tests are available for students who will be testing with accommodations that require a paper format, or for students who are just looking for additional sample questions.
  • Practice tests for assistive technology

Practice with Accommodations

Students who will be testing with accommodations are encouraged to download the digital testing app, Bluebook, and complete a practice test before test day. They can enable the accommodations that they will need to get familiar with how they’ll work within Bluebook on test day. Students testing with assistive technology can also test the formats they need in the Bluebook test preview.

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