Visit the test ordering site to review invoice information.

After administering the test, there are a couple of tasks to complete:

Confirm Student Answer Submission

Learn how to make sure every students' answers are submitted to College Board and avoid scoring issues.

Return Paper Materials

If you administered the digital test to students who required a paper version of the test, you'll follow instructions in the accompanying printed materials you received in the mail for returning those materials.

Invoice Dates and Deadlines

Plan for your payment:

  Test Dates:
Oct 2–31, 2023
Test Dates:
Mar 4–Apr 26, 2024
Invoices are emailed to schools Early Dec, 2023 Early May, 2024

Updates to Invoice Payment Details

College Board payment details for PSAT-related assessment invoices have changed.

The following payment options are available. Please make note of the update to our remit to information.

For check payments:

College Board
PO Box 30171
New York, NY 10087-0171

For credit card payments:

Visit our secure online payment portal.

For wire/ACH payments:

Send an email to [email protected] to receive updated banking details.

Purchase Orders

If you require a purchase order number to display on your invoice, it will need to be entered into the assessment order in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration system prior to the initial invoice generation by the district/school staff authorized to place orders.

Contact Us

If you have any billing related questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Fee Waivers

Improvements have been made to the fee waiver process starting with the 2023-24 school year. With the transition from the Test Ordering System (TOS) to the new SAT Suite Ordering and Registration System (SSOR), schools will no longer be responsible for identifying fee waiver eligible students. With this change, all students who meet College Board’s SAT fee waiver eligibility criteria can either receive SAT fee waiver benefits by obtaining a code from their counselor or, starting in fall 2023, by completing a fee waiver request form on our website. Learn more about the fee waiver eligibility criteria and supporting eligible students through the fee waiver process. College Board is supporting schools and districts serving low-income students by providing a price discount for in-school assessments based on the federally estimated child poverty rate percentage. See District and School Pricing Details.

Assessment Reporting for K-12 Educators

Educators can access 2023 scores online in the K–12 score reporting portal starting November 2, 2023. The score reporting portal offers educator score reports with aggregate and detailed data.

Students can get their scores on November 6th or November 16th depending on the date they tested and submitted their answers.

Educators should notify students when scores are available. Please note that students that did not opt in to BigFuture® School will not be alerted by College Board once scores are available. You can notify students in one of the following ways:

  • Download score PDFs in the online K–12 Reporting Portal and share with students.
  • Remind students who opted in to BigFuture School (U.S. students only) to access their scores on the mobile app.
  • Remind students that scores can be accessed through their College Board account, if they have one.

Introducing BigFuture School

BigFuture® School is a new mobile app designed to spark students' interest in planning for the future. Available to students who take certain College Board assessments during the school day, it provides college and career guidance the moment they get their scores. Learn how to support your students here.

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