Managing Access to Online Scores

Your institution designates one or more access managers to grant educators access to the K–12 reporting portal.


  1. Set up an Access Manager using an access code for the Managing Access tool.

    Access to the K-12 Reporting Portal is managed by an Access Manager in the Manage Access Tool. Find information on setting up your first access manager.
  2. Assign access to your institution's K–12 Reporting Portal.

    Access Managers are responsible for assigning access to your institution’s K–12 Reporting Portal. Find more information on assigning reporting roles to your K–12 Reporting Portal. You can also find detailed information about the reporting roles that can be assigned.


How many access managers do I need?

Every school, district, and state needs at least one access manager. You can have more than one, but the best practice is to have only a few people.

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