Tools and Information for Districts

District Test Coordinators: Help your schools get ready for a successful digital test day.

District Tools

Checklist for District Test Coordinators

As the district test coordinator, you're responsible for the following tasks:

Milestone Actions
Complete your order
  • Select your intended start date in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration (SSOR) site.
  • Set anticipated test counts.
  • Identify your staff.
  • Go to to learn about network and device requirements for digital testing.
  • Identify school or district technology staff to help prepare your network and devices.
  • Identify an SAT Suite Ordering and Registration Access Manager who will enable staff access to SSOR.
  • Identify a Purchaser who will confirm your order details.
  • Check in with your schools about their preparations. Read through the In-School Digital Testing Checklist to learn about all tasks leading up to test day.
See Staff Responsibilities and Recruitment for details on the different roles and actions required.
Milestone Actions
Review, validate, and register students for testing
The school's test coordinator should confirm all students who intend to test have accurate records in the registration roster, and the SSD coordinator should confirm student records match their College Board accommodations. Be sure to include all "away" students who do not typically attend the school but requested to test here.

IMPORTANT: Carefully check the accuracy of student data prior to registration. After registration, student records will be locked for testing. Any changes will need to managed by deleting the record and re-adding the corrected record manually.
  • Work with your schools to ensure that all student registration data has been validated.
  • Help coordinators prepare for accommodated testing. Learn about accommodations for digital testing.
  • Ensure that your school or district technology staff has made shared testing devices available for the digital readiness check with Bluebook installed on each one.
  • Remind school staff to complete their required training and begin reading the test day guides.
Milestone Actions
Digital readiness check
Orient students for digital testing and check for any technology issues.
  • If needed, help your staff add or delete any students from your registration file in SSOR.
  • Prepare staff and students for digital readiness check.
  • Ensure accommodated students are prepared for digital readiness check.
  • Remind staff to complete their required training.
  • Work with your staff to fix any issues found in digital readiness check as you prepare for Test Day.
  • If you have students approved to test with paper materials, ensure the shipment was received and securely stored before test day.
  • Check that all testing staff feel prepared and have the guidance they need for a successful test day.
Milestone Actions
Final preparation
  • Ensure all staff have completed training.
  • Make any final announcements.
  • Confirm your school and district technology staff have configured the network to allow necessary traffic.
Milestone Actions
Score release and invoicing
  • Along with the Purchaser, visit SSOR to review invoice information and plan for your payment.
  • Access scores in the online K–12 Reporting Portal and review prior to student score release.
  • Prepare your counselors for student score release.
  • Have your staff download and share score PDFs with students.
  • Remind students who opted in to BigFuture® School to access their scores on the mobile app.