Managing Access to Online Scores

Your institution designates one or more access managers to grant access to the K–12 reporting portal.


  1. Get an access code for the Managing Access tool.

    If your school receives SAT scores electronically, your access code is sent to your contact for SAT scores. Access codes are also sent to test coordinators at schools that order PSAT 10 materials.
  2. Assign an access manager.

    Access managers assist users for a school, district, or state. The access granted applies to scores for the entire SAT Suite, including the PSAT 10.
  3. Ensure that the access manager creates user accounts with appropriate roles.

    The manager uses your access code to sign in to the Managing Access tool, create user accounts, and assign users different roles.


How many access managers do I need?

Every school, district, and state needs at least one access manager. You can have more than one, but the best practice is to have only a few people.

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