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Thank you for providing students the opportunity to take the digital SAT. The information here will help you begin planning for a successful SAT Weekend test administration. If you're planning for fall 2023 digital PSAT-related assessments, visit our In-School Testing page.


What to Expect on Test Day

Get ready to administer the digital SAT.

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Proctors and Monitors

Find detailed test day procedures and required training.

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Test Coordinators

Find Test Day Toolkit setup instructions, readiness checklist, and training modules.

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Get a tech readiness checklist and find out how to work with technology staff at your school or facility.

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Comparing Digital and Paper Testing

Find out what's new about digital testing.

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Test Day Experience

Learn what proctors and students experience in the digital testing room.

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What's Different About Digital

Students use Bluebook™, the College Board testing app, to take the test on a device they bring to your test center.

The digital SAT is more secure, with application lockdown functionality and unique content for each student.

Bluebook times students individually, so if their start times are slightly different, their break and end times will be too.

Test center staff use Test Day Toolkit, an intuitive web application, to administer the test. It walks proctors through test day and displays a short script they read aloud.

Instead of receiving paper forms and large manuals for use throughout the testing season, you’ll need to return to this website for each new administration to download the latest versions of the guides and other resources that supplement the toolkit.

Some test accommodations that were previously administered during a school-based SAT administration are now offered in a test center. For example, because the test is shorter, students approved for double-time will test in 1 day in the test center.


This website and the resources shared here are only for digital SAT testing staff. The recruitment flyer can be shared with potential proctors and monitors, but everything else should be shared with confirmed staff only. College Board will email staff with the password needed to access some resources. Visit our International SAT Dates and Deadlines page for digital SAT test date and registration information.

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We've created short, self-paced training modules to introduce the new procedures for administering the digital SAT. Training is required for all staff. Topics include test day procedures, Test Day Toolkit, technology, and test center planning.


The password to access documents on this page is the same for all PDF downloads that require one. It can be found in the latest email from College Board.

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Working with IT Staff on Technical Readiness

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Advising Students and Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

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For questions regarding test administration, loaned devices, Test Day Toolkit, issues with the Bluebook testing app, setting up managed devices, or any other technical assistance, call +1 212-307-9731. In addition to regular weekday hours, we are open for extended overnight hours the entire week before the test.

For help with policies and procedures, test day issues, and loaned devices:

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For help with Test Day Toolkit:

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