Comparing Digital and Paper Testing

Similar Policies

Bluebook™ testing shares many policies with paper test administrations, including policies about:

  • Staffing and room requirements
  • Photo IDs
  • Acceptable handheld calculators
  • Prohibited devices
  • Monitoring students during the test

Test Day Toolkit

Test Day Toolkit, the test administration application used for paper testing, has new features to support digital testing. Not only does it still include rosters, student check-in, and irregularity reports, it also:

  • Walks proctors through test day step by step and displays the script they read aloud.
  • Provides the code students need to start the test.
  • Displays the testing status of each student.

Technical Readiness

Test coordinators are responsible for making sure their test center is ready for test day. This includes hiring a technology monitor to staff the help room and use the tips we provide to troubleshoot minor technical issues.

It also involves working with your technology staff at your school or district to make sure the network is ready on test day and install Bluebook on school-managed devices (if students who attend your school will use them to take the test).


What happens if students have problems with internet connectivity on test day?

We built Bluebook™ to withstand internet outages. Students need a connection at the start and end of the test but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily. If the internet disconnects during testing, students can continue—their work will be saved, and they won't lose testing time.

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Can you tell me more about the technology monitor and the help room?

For digital testing, test coordinators recruit a technology monitor and designate a help room near the testing rooms.

The technology monitor helps with connectivity issues and assists students in the help room on test day.

While most student issues are resolved when the student restarts Bluebook™ or their device, proctors can minimize disruptions by sending students to the help room.

We'll provide technology monitors with training and a troubleshooting guide when we get closer to the 2024 launch of the digital SAT in the U.S.

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What if a student arrives at my test center without a device or is unprepared in some other way?

Students are responsible for downloading Bluebook™ and setting it up before test day. However, you can let them download Bluebook in their testing room.

Dismiss students who arrive without a device unless they were approved to borrow one from College Board. They can contact College Board Customer Service if they have questions about rescheduling.

Students can request a loaned device when they register for the SAT.

We'll communicate this to students before test day, and we'll provide you with information to post on your school or test center website.

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Do I need to provide outlets for all students?

Students are instructed to arrive with a fully charged device that will last three hours; however, you may provide access to power for students if it can be done fairly and without disrupting other students.

Test centers must provide students with extended time accommodations access to power though it does not need to be continuous. We'll work with test centers to make sure they are equipped with adequate power sources.

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How will you address test day issues and technical support challenges?

We'll have dedicated customer service resources ready to troubleshoot issues for students and test centers.

We're also introducing the role of technology monitor for each test center. Technology monitors staff a help room where they use our simple troubleshooting tips to assist students.

As we get closer to the 2024 launch of the digital SAT in the U.S., you’ll receive training, troubleshooting guides, and other resources.

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What are the internet requirements for digital testing?

Test center coordinators should work with technology staff in their school or district to meet these requirements:

  • Students and staff, including guests, can connect to Wi-Fi on test day, even if they use personal devices.
  • Network traffic to and from College Board and the Apple app store must be permitted.
  • Bluebook™ testing requires at least 100 Kbps for each student testing at the same time over the same network.
  • Students need a connection at the start and end of the test but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Learn more about network readiness.

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Do staff need technical expertise?

Coordinators and proctors do not need technical expertise to administer the digital SAT.

Coordinators and proctors use Test Day Toolkit on any device that connects to the internet. They can send students to the technology monitor in the help room instead of troubleshooting issues themselves.

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