Comparing Digital and Paper Testing

Similar Policies

Let your testing staff know that Bluebook™ testing shares many policies with paper test administrations, including policies about:

  • Staffing and room requirements
  • Photo IDs
  • Acceptable handheld calculators
  • Prohibited devices
  • Monitoring students during the test

Test Day Toolkit

Test Day Toolkit, the test administration application used for paper testing, has new features and plays a larger role on test day. Not only does it still include rosters, student check-in, and irregularity reports, it also:

  • Walks proctors through test day step by step and displays the script they read aloud.
  • Provides the code students need to start the test.
  • Displays the testing status of each student.

Technical Readiness

Test coordinators are responsible for working with school or district technology staff to make sure their test center is ready for test day. Technical readiness includes:

  • Making sure guests can access Wi-Fi on test day.
  • Installing Bluebook on school-managed devices (if students who attend your school will use them to take the test).
  • Hiring someone to staff the help room and use the tips we provide to troubleshoot minor technical issues.



Technical Readiness Conversation Guide

How to work with IT staff on technical readiness.